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8 Beautiful Plants That Reduce Your Stress Levels

Beautiful Plants
Photo Credits By Unsplash

Plants are vital for the environment – but did you know our souls and mind need them just as much as our lungs? Yes, you read that right!

Indoor plants offer several advantages beyond their environmental benefits. They remove contaminants and increase humidity, which may benefit dry, artificially heated areas.

They also relieve stress, boost productivity, and beautify a room. Several studies have indicated that indoor plants help alleviate sick building syndrome, a disease characterized by headaches, respiratory issues, and eye, nose, and throat discomfort produced by inadequately ventilated buildings.

Plants may lower stress and boost mental and physical health. According to research, plants reduce cortisol, blood pressure, and heart rate. Another research indicated that plants promote mood, lucidity, and relaxation. Caring for plants may also increase self-esteem and well-being.

These perks are especially important for seniors with plenty of free time on their hands. Not only does plant caring to keep you busy, but this simple habit also brings you closer to your roots: nature.

Before we find out which plants can alleviate stress in the elderly, though, I want to explain why I think every retiree should own plants. Whether you live in an apartment or a home with a big garden, you can take on this hobby immediately!

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Passionate about cognitive psychology and data research, Tudor aims to highlight the importance of prioritizing self-care regardless of age, gender, or nationality. For over two years, he has been prioritizing extensive research in mindfulness and meditation techniques delivered to everyday people in a simple, meaningful manner.

23 Responses

  1. I never thought about plants inside reducing stress. I have trees along my property{woods} which brings birds and deer to watch. Thank you. Katherine

    1. Hi Kathy! You’re so lucky to have nature this close to your home. I’m sure you can feel the physical and mental health benefits already. Can you take walks in the woods too? That would be so relaxing!

  2. I love my plants. They give me pleasure to look at and to care for. My favorite trip to go in the spring is to the greenhouse and enjoy the smell, flowers that are bursting open and it makes me feel so good to be there.

    1. Hi Karyn, I couldn’t agree more! Spider plants are great for bathrooms too as they don’t need too much sunlight. Do you have any flowers at home too? I know perennials are low-maintenance πŸ™‚

  3. This is a nice article, but it would be more helpful if you would show a picture of these plants.

    1. Hi Randall and thanks for reading this post! David pointed out the same thing in a comment above, so thanks for the feedback. We’ll definitely keep it in mind for future articles. Have a great day!

    1. Hi Josie! Yay, I’m so glad this post helped you find the perfect office setting! Green also boosts creativity – at least that’s what research says. Good luck at your new office!

  4. Hi, Folks. Just beware that some indoor plants can be toxic to pets, i.e. lilies. However, if they are out of reach or your pets ignore plants, enjoy. Grape Ivy and Pothos are also great indoor plants. Very easy to take care of. I’m eager to try some of those mentioned, especially Jasmine and Lavender. I have a wonderful large mound of Lavender (with my roses) in the front garden, which I love.

  5. I enjoyed reading articles. I have a few of the plants mentioned. They do make me feel relaxed and bring a smile to my face. I have plants inside and outside they bring joy 😊 πŸ˜ƒ to my life.

  6. Have all of the above in my home, except Jasmine….. Can’t tolerate the scent. Also, cacti,Christmas and the Spring variety! Beautiful blooms!
    Outside, six lavender which I have had FOR 30 years. They increase in size each year. So very gorgeous! God’s handiwork! Have iris,azaleas,lilacs,hibiscus,elderberry,babies breath,tulips lily of the valley, actions and etc. 82 and still love πŸ’˜my plants. Begonias are beautiful as WELL!!! Thanks so MUCH for making me even more aware of the WONDERFUL things plants do for us!!
    P.S. Orchids as WELL!

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