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These 10 Wonder-Foods Can Reduce Stress and Anxiety, Experts Say

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Feeling overwhelmed and stressed? Complexity and stress may damage mental health as we age. Did you know some meals may alleviate stress and anxiety? Scientists think eating these wonder foods might improve your mood.

I’ve noticed that eating more of these items calms me. Why not try them and see if they work for you?

Dark chocolate leads the chart. You read correctly! Antioxidants and flavonoids in dark chocolate reduce stress and increase happiness. It’s tasty too! Of course, avocados also reduce stress. They provide beneficial lipids that reduce tension and relax.

Almonds and walnuts reduce tension and anxiety. Healthy fats, protein, and magnesium reduce stress. Leafy greens, salmon, turmeric, and chamomile tea are all included. These meals all include nutrients that relieve stress and promote relaxation, but we’ll get more into that later on!

The best part? Including these superfoods in your diet is easy. Try adding dark chocolate to your afternoon snack, eating fish once a week, or making avocado toast for breakfast. Little adjustments might influence your mood in the long run too!

By eating these 10 superfoods, you can manage stress and relax – so why wait? Let’s get started!

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Passionate about cognitive psychology and data research, Tudor aims to highlight the importance of prioritizing self-care regardless of age, gender, or nationality. For over two years, he has been prioritizing extensive research in mindfulness and meditation techniques delivered to everyday people in a simple, meaningful manner.

2 Responses

  1. I have all these foods that i enjoy mainly big salads every evening different nuts limited cause high in calories. And i do have different teas i drink love the japanese green teas. I eat all these foods you have lisited here but got to be careful with the chocolate and spinach oxalates in the spinach is ok once a week but i only have some of these foods in moderation, I could go on with this am always looking online for better health ideas for the body so many good choices out there. Thank you for this email

  2. Hello!
    Think fish should be eaten more than once a week.Beets are good for the blood – all types of vegetables- asparagus, bitter greens like dandelions ( for seasonal cleanse in the springtime).
    I still eat well-sourced meat from time to time for iron it provides.
    Happy Eating!

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