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Is the Alo Yoga Mindfulness Meditation Program Effective?

Alo Yoga mindfulness meditation program offers beginner-friendly techniques – but are they scientifically-proven to function well?


  • Alo Yoga offers a seven-day mindfulness meditation course emphasizing easy, adaptable techniques like a simple breathing exercise that can be done anywhere, even on the go.
  • Multiple studies support the effectiveness of mindful meditation and controlled breathing in reducing stress and anxiety, principles upon which Alo Yoga’s meditation technique is based.
  • Founded in Los Angeles, Alo Yoga is a leading lifestyle brand blending fashion with wellness, offering resources and community support for both physical and mental well-being.
image of a woman wearing Alo Yoga apparel
Alo Yoga’s seven-day mindfulness meditation program helps beginners learn the basics of staying present. Credit: Alo Yoga

Alo Yoga Mindfulness Meditation: What Are the Basics?

Alo Yoga launched a seven-day mindful meditation course via YouTube, with Day One focusing on simplicity and ease of use. The teacher notes that this kind of meditation may be done anywhere, even while driving or using public transportation, making it a great option for beginners or people with hectic schedules.

The meditation focuses on breathing: three counts in and six counts out, all via the nose. Because this regulated breathing is meant to be discrete, practitioners may employ it in a number of circumstances. Listeners are asked to concentrate on the rhythm of their breath while the lesson walks them through the meditation, utilizing it as an anchor to quiet the mind and preserve present-moment awareness.


Is the Program Effective?

A growing corpus of evidence supports mindful meditation, such as the one provided by Alo Yoga. A 2021 research published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine discovered that mindful meditation may help alleviate psychological pressures such as anxiety and physical pain such as migraines. Another research published in the journal “Psychosomatic Medicine” revealed that mindfulness meditation helped lower cortisol, the stress hormone, in the body.

The Alo Yoga approach, which focuses on regulated breathing, is also supported by studies. Breathing exercises, as emphasized in a research published in “Frontiers in Psychiatry,” have been proven to engage the parasympathetic nervous system, which aids in anxiety reduction and tranquility induction.

In conclusion, although the precise practice of Alo Yoga has not been examined separately, the concepts it is based on—mindful meditation and regulated breathing—are scientifically established strategies of reducing stress and increasing tranquility. This basic approach might be a good place to start for people interested in meditation.

image of three Alo Yoga models
Alo Yoga is among the most popular apparel functional brands of 2023. Credit: Alo Yoga

What Is Alo Yoga?

Alo Yoga is a well-known lifestyle brand that combines fashion and function to promote well-being and healthy living. The company, founded in Los Angeles, has become associated with luxury, high-performance gear that appeals to yoga lovers and fashion-forward consumers. Alo Yoga is dedicated to fostering happiness, serenity, and the overall benefits of yoga. They’ve built a robust online community by providing tutorials, workshops, and tools, such as the aforementioned meditation series, to assist people in finding balance and inner peace in their busy life. The brand’s commitment to fostering physical and mental well-being places it at the forefront of the wellness movement.

Adele Joanne
Adele Joanne
Adele Joanne is a content manager studying the effects of mindfulness on people in today's fast-changing society. Her eight-year experience in copywriting blends with her passion for meditation with a clear goal in mind: helping others live in the present moment one day at a time.

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