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Top 7 Best Movies About Mindfulness and Meditation

It’s hard to stop and breathe in today’s fast-paced environment. Mindfulness and meditation may reduce stress, improve attention and productivity, and improve mental and physical health.

Movies may enhance your mindfulness or meditation practice. They may create strong visual and emotional experiences that connect with our lives and inspire us to live more mindfully and peacefully.

We’ve selected 7 of the finest mindfulness and meditation films to inspire and elevate you. Each video about mindfulness and meditation gives a distinct viewpoint.

These videos will appeal to beginners and experts alike. Grab some popcorn, settle in, and let’s explore mindfulness and meditation via film.

Also, I think it’s about time we started using technology to our advantage rather than mindlessly watching useless content. We CAN educate ourselves even in front of the TV if we choose to watch the right things. Even if you’re not a book person, you can still explore mindfulness and meditation.

Let’s begin our adventure through the top mindfulness and meditation movies without a further introduction!

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How Did The Movie Industry Embrace Mindfulness?

The film industry’s incorporation of mindfulness has helped mainstream the concept and its benefits. From Hollywood blockbusters to small-budgeted documentaries, we see these practices more and more in 2023.

Movies include meditation for many reasons. Meditation has become popular as a stress reduction practice that boosts your health. It didn’t take long until filmmakers wanted to explore this are for the mainstream audience too.

Meditation can be transformative and rich in storytelling material. It can help characters face their demons and overcome personal challenges, transforming both the characters and the audience.

Movies have used meditation to explore spiritual themes and show characters seeking enlightenment or a better understanding of themselves and the world.

With that said, here are my top recommendations in terms of mindfulness-inspiring movies:


“The Art of Living”

“The Art of Living” is a documentary about Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and meditation. Shankar travels the world spreading love and teaching meditation and mindfulness.

The film explores the “art of living” as a path to inner peace and happiness and features interviews with people who have benefited from Shankar’s teachings and practices. It also shows Shankar teaching meditation and yoga to people from various cultures.

“The Art of Living” is meant to inspire and guide those seeking to improve their mental and emotional health and find more meaning and purpose in life.


“Mindfulness: Be Happy Now”

“Mindfulness: Be Happy Now” is a documentary about how mindfulness can improve well-being. The documentary interviews mindfulness experts and people who have used mindfulness to overcome challenges and improve their lives.

The documentary explains how mindfulness reduces stress, improves focus and concentration, and boosts health and well-being. Meditation, yoga, and other mindfulness practices are also covered.

“Mindfulness: Be Happy Now” offers practical advice for incorporating mindfulness into daily life and insights into its potential benefits for individuals and society. The documentary is for everyone, regardless of mindfulness experience.


“Biggest Little Farm”

The documentary “The Biggest Little Farm” follows John and Molly Chester, who leave the city to start a farm to live a more sustainable and harmonious life. The film follows their efforts to create a diverse and thriving ecosystem using sustainable agriculture and mindfulness.

Drought, pests, and finances plague the Chesters throughout the film. Despite these obstacles, they persist in creating a balanced farm ecosystem.

The film also discusses mindfulness and sustainable agriculture and how they can be used to live more harmoniously and sustainably. It inspires and guides sustainability and mindfulness enthusiasts.


“The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”

The comedy-drama “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” explores mindfulness. Walter Mitty is a shy magazine photo editor.

Walter uses mindfulness to cope with life’s challenges throughout the film. He meditates and releases negative thoughts and emotions.

Soon enough, Walter becomes more mindful, takes risks, and lives in the moment. He discovers life and overcomes his fears while searching for a lost photo – and that’s the beauty of this movie.

Overall, “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” shows how mindfulness can help people embrace life in the present moment through simple actions.


“The Way”

“The Way” is a drama about Tom, a man who travels the Camino de Santiago in Spain after his son dies. Tom meets diverse travelers and learns mindfulness and self-discovery.

Tom practices mindfulness and meditation throughout the film to cope with the pilgrimage’s challenges. He meets other travelers and learns about their struggles. At last, Tom lets go of his preconceptions and embrace the present as he travels. He also forgives himself for his mistakes and finds meaning in his life.

“The Way” explores self-discovery, forgiveness, and the transformative power of the present through mindfulness and the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage.


“The Man From Earth”

“The Man from Earth” is a science fiction drama about John Oldman, a 14,000-year-old man who has spent his life practicing mindfulness and living in the moment.

John tells his story to a group of skeptical friends and coworkers, who eventually believe him. John discusses life lessons and living in the moment as he tells his story.

John practices mindfulness and meditation throughout the film to cope with his long life’s challenges. He also teaches other characters about mindfulness and the present.

“The Man from Earth” explores time, human nature, and the power of the present through mindfulness.

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“Samadhi” is a documentary about meditation and mindfulness-induced samadhi. Meditation, yoga, and interviews with spiritual leaders and experts are all part of the film.

“Complete absorption” is how the film defines samadhi. Meditation and mindfulness can lead to samadhi, which improves clarity, peace, and understanding.

“Samadhi” is meant to inspire and guide those interested in meditation, mindfulness, and deeper states of consciousness.


Your Takeaway

Congrats on finishing our article on the 7 finest mindfulness and meditation movies! I hope these choices will inspire you to develop your mindfulness or meditation practice.

Movies touch us emotionally and reveal the transformational potential of mindfulness and meditation. They may help us relax, enhance our health, and live more mindfully.

The main takeaway?

Practicing mindfulness and meditation every day is worth the effort. It may help you develop compassion, clarity, resilience, and inner knowledge.

We recommend watching these films to get inspired by mindfulness and meditation’s transformational impact. These videos show how these activities may improve our lives, whether we’re beginners or advanced practitioners.

Do you have any extra recommendations? If so, feel free to drop a comment below and share your top choices with our community. Let’s stay mindful and healthy together!

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