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6 Ways Pets Can Improve Your Mental Health

pets and mental health
Photo by cottonbro studio from Pexels

Dear reader, welcome to my topic about how dogs promote mental health! Mental wellness is crucial in today’s fast-paced environment. What better way than with a furry companion?

This essay discusses five ways pets improve mental health. Pets may boost mental health by lowering stress and encouraging exercise.

Pet ownership has several mental health advantages, according to a study. According to a 2018 study in the International Journal of Workplace Health Management, pets at the office reduce employee stress.

If you’re still not persuaded, Dr. Patricia McConnell’s book “The Power of Pets: How to Psychologically Survive the COVID-19 Epidemic” explores how pets may help us survive difficult times.

Meanwhile, I created this breakdown for you just to prove how much our furry little friends can help us all. If you’re not a pet owner yet, you might want to become one after reading this post – trust me!

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Passionate about cognitive psychology and data research, Tudor aims to highlight the importance of prioritizing self-care regardless of age, gender, or nationality. For over two years, he has been prioritizing extensive research in mindfulness and meditation techniques delivered to everyday people in a simple, meaningful manner.

12 Responses

  1. During the pandemic I walked my dog everyday and was able to say good morning to countless other dog owners, A bit of normalcy in a scary times. I was connected to the world everyday. I am 93 and am now the fortunate owner of my fifth Poodle. I am sure these wonderful companions are partially responsible for my longevity

  2. I am so happy to finally and hopefully find a small four-legged forever friend. Thanks to individuals as yourself that recognizes that these animals help us mentally, emotionally and physically.

  3. I would have reached serious depression levels during the last Covid isolation,and another s coming.

    I have my golden retriever as a walking buddy, cuddle bug, and someone to talk to. She’s a total joy and I love her so much. She gets me out walking when I ohrwise might skip a day because I want her to stay fit now that she’s aging (9 years old). I am 75 and we walk an hour + most days.

  4. I’m close to 81 and know some of my age could be attributed to my little 16 year-old shi-poo. He gits me going each day…

  5. Loved the article about pets we own three small dogs with personalities plus 😊! They bring us such joy….

  6. I am certain that my cat and small dog keep me going. I have a daily routine of taking care of them. They take care of us too. They watch my 88 year old bedbound Mom. They sit at the top of the steps and the cat also loves to sit on top of the leather recliner and gaze at her. Mom has Dementia, so she does a lot of talking to those who are no longer alive. They play and round around and this keeps her alert and feisty. Oftentimes we place them on her, she refuses but I remind her of the pets we had during my childhood. I had a big dog but he had to be put to sleep. I miss him so, but my daughter brought this little one home and he is better for me to care for. I’m 60, and Mom and I are here together except for her caregiver during the week. They are mental health supporters and physical supporters. I don’t want my dog to get to heavy and I myself am health and weight conscious. Last night, we took a 10:30 stroll around the neighborhood and we both enjoyed that fresh air and windy night. Last week, the animals were at the school for the students. Yes, they are keepers and companions of better health.

  7. I’m a 35 year old woman and lately I been feeling stressed and anxiety. I’ve separated from my abusive husband and having my dogs by my side has helped so much! 💜idk what I’d do without them. My soon to be ex husband always made me feel alone and worthless. My dogs would come up to me even his dog and they would all lay on me lol and me petting them, talking and hugging them really felt great. Having 3 furry living furr babies around me made such a huge difference and still does. It sucks to see some rental properties not allow pets. I would never give my dogs up. They are a part of me and have been there for me.

  8. I agree, a sweet Pet can be your best friend! A friend of mine lets me keep her Pomeranian female dog once in awhile, and I love little Missy so much! I’ve gotten attached to her! I kiddingly say if I Get Married again l’m marrying Missy, lol

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